Advantages of Ordering Bulk Custom Shirts Especially This Coming Holiday Season

The holiday and festive season is upon us. It’s that time of year for gift giving, celebration and merriment. While there are gifts you can give to your special and loved ones, one that’s sure to stand out is custom shirts.

These are not only amazing as gifts, they are:

  • Different
  • Valuable
  • Well liked
  • Unique

Everyone loves a good shirt. Make one that looks really cool and you’ll be everyone’s favourite gifter for the yuletide season.

Cheaper Wholesale Prices

As with all other commodities, buying custom shirts in bulk costs considerably less than to buy them in single units. Instead of buying them at standard retail prices, you can:

  • Get them in bulk at a substantial discount.
  • Save some money in the process.

Depending on the provider or vendor, you can shave off between 20% and 40% per shirt. That’s great savings if you want to buy for a sizable number of people.

Save Time

Buying custom shirts in single units can be:

  • Time wasting.
  • Stressful.

During the holiday season, the last thing you want to be is stressed. So, why not opt for the custom shirts and be done with it.

Uniform Quality

Have you ever watched your loved ones open their gifts? These happen:

  • They get excited about the shirts and compare them.
  • They find one or more shirts of better and higher quality than the others.

Well, if you have experienced this, you know those with lower quality shirts tend to be less excited than those who have better quality.

Since the festive season is meant to bring unity and not division, it makes sense to order bulk custom shirts because of their uniform quality materials. This way, you won’t have to worry about the quality of the shirts as they will be standard and the same all through.

Makes for Great, Affordable Gifts

Think about what to get your staff this holiday season. Consider bulk custom shirts. This is important if you want to combine them with some other gifts.

Most custom shirt companies offer competitive and pocket friendly rates when clients order bulk custom shirts. You won’t have to worry about burning a hole through your pockets.

Effective for Brand Building

Custom bulk shirts are popular in the corporate sector because they are effective elements for:

  • Advertising
  • Marketing

They can be designed to sell the company’s products and services. So, if you are looking for a pocket friendly way to increase your brand’s reach, think seriously about custom shirts your employees would love to wear.

Most employers feel that using shirts for branding purposes doesn’t work. Well, the reverse is the case if:

  • The designs are classy.
  • The shirts are of excellent quality.

So, if you are looking for an excellent custom shirts designer, vendor and manufacturer to order in bulk from, contact us at We design, manufacture and deliver bulk custom shirts to clients all over Australia. Call us now on 1300 662 042 and 02 9890 7999 or email us at